photographing the local wildlife...

As we're nearing the end of our stay on the Texas Gulf Coast, I realized that I hadn't spent any time photographing anything! Maybe some HDR photos on our iPhones of the sunset in the channel, and a little video of a dolphin that came up to play. 

So I finally took out the camera and spent an afternoon looking for birds as subjects for watercolor and acrylic. I didn't really need them to turn out well. I just needed to capture the colors and the rough shapes. That's not what I got...they were better than expected.

Anyway, I took some pictures that didn't turn out all that bad...I'm sure the critters were annoyed with me chasing them around, but I love the expressions on their faces. Birds do have expressions, don't they?

This was also an experiment with Adobe Lightroom. I'll write more about that later.